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Best Honeymoon Packing Essentials for the Maldives

Since we booked our special first night to the Maldives and Sri Lanka we actually haven’t had the option to quit considering it! I am an absolutely OCD and have just investigated and arranged my closet and pressing basics for our special first night to the Maldives. Here is our definitive rundown of pressing fundamentals for the Maldives to guarantee the ideal special first night in heaven!

The main thing to recollect when making a beeline for pressing for your outing to the Maldives is that on the off chance that you are venturing out to your hotel via seaplane you’ll have a 25kg gear limit. In any matter, when you are generally pressing swimmers and summer garments you shouldn’t generally have any issues holding fast to this weight limit! On the off chance that you do have more gear you’ll need to pay additional stuff expenses yet on the off chance that you are getting a speedboat to your hotel, at that point you won’t have any issues.


I figure we will essentially live in our swimmers during our time in the Maldives! I without a doubt plan on pressing numerous sets of bathing suits and Dan will likewise be pressing a lot of a lot of swimshorts! I can hardly wait to investigate the white sandy sea shores of the Maldives, take vessel trips, snorkel to our souls substance and plunge into the tidal pond from our own one of a kind water estate! Goodness and did I notice we booked a water estate with a private unendingness pool and the lodging has two of its own boundlessness pools also?!

Sunscreen, Sunglasses and a Hat

The Maldives is probably the sunniest nation on the planet and we intend to invest a large portion of our energy investigating, swimming, swimming, sunning ourselves on our water manor and drinking and eating at the numerous bars and eateries around the island. As we’ll be investing the greater part of our energy outside we have to ensure we are sun shrewd and slip, slop, slap as us Aussies state!

As we live by the sea shore in Australia, we’re fortunate to have a lot of sunnies, caps and obviously the most elevated SPF sunscreen accessible! After not taking care of my skin very well in the sun as an adolescent, I am currently extremely enthusiastic about sun security and dealing with my skin (and compelling Dan to do likewise)! I love wide-overflowed sun caps and truly need to get one of those customized sun caps with a vacation trademark composed on the edge!


We don’t travel anyplace without our camera and prior in the year redesigned our camera to an Olympus OMD-EM5 Mark II complete with another arrangement of focal points. Dan has consistently been extremely enthusiastic about photography and I love sharing all our movement snaps on the blog and on Instagram and I am truly eager to perceive how our photographs from heaven turn out! Taking a great many snaps on your wedding trip is practically necessary and I am certain we’ll think back on the uncommon minutes from our vacation constantly!

Swimming Gear

Our inn furnishes visitors with integral swimming apparatus however in the event that your retreat charges you per use, at that point it might merit pressing your own in your baggage!

A couple of good books or magazines

At the point when we at first examined setting off to the Maldives for our wedding trip Dan thought he would get exhausted! The more we inquired about the more we’ve understood I figure we should really drive ourselves to unwind, loosen up and absorb the daylight on the deck of our water estate or on a hammock by the pool with a mixed drink close by. Having a decent book to peruse is additionally a decent reason to settle down and unwind, which is the thing that a special night should be.


This is unquestionably a discretionary thing however I realllllllly need to pack an inflatable flamingo to glide away in the Maldivian waters…

Submerged Camera

We utilized our GoPro Hero4 pretty much each and every day during our movements through Europe the previous summer however other than the odd oar boarding trip I am dismal to state we have scarcely utilized it since we showed up in Australia. I love the wide point photos that our GoPro takes and love that we can likewise get stills from submerged recordings! Probably the best part about a Maldives wedding trip is the staggering assortment of marine life that live in the perfectly clear waters! I can hardly wait to catch some recording of the brilliant coral, fish, sharks, turtles, manta beams and ideally whale sharks!

Kaftan and Sundresses

A kaftan (or two) is one of my must pack things for summer occasions! At the point when we went around the Mediterranean a year ago I actually lived in my kaftan when I was out the water. It was the ideal concealment for the sun and furthermore implied I didn’t need to get changed out of my swimmers at dinner times as well. Besides you can’t turn out badly with some pleasant summer dresses for day time and investigating the island in!


The Maldives is a definitive in shoeless extravagance and our inn, LUX* South Ari Atoll advances a “shoes discretionary” climate and clothing regulation. We intend to pack thongs (flip failures) and shoes and unquestionably no high heels! I think we’ll sincerely burn through the greater part of our wedding trip shoeless, in thongs or flippers!

Mixed drink Attire

While I figure my days will be spent in swimmers and kaftans, we are on our special first night thus I would like to spruce up each night for mixed drinks and supper! I love getting spruced up to go out and we have an incredible selection of bars and cafés at the lodging so I figure it will make every night exceptional and paramount! The hardest decision will be what dresses to pack and afterward what cafés to feast in every night.

For the Boys…

Dan will likewise go through his days in swimmers however of a night he intends to look overall quite sharp too! He will pack nabbed shirts, chinos and pants. Again in any event, for the young men, I think shoes are totally discretionary at most hotels (in any event, when feasting)!

Turkish Towels

At the point when we were in Turkey a year ago we bought some astonishing Turkish towels which we take wherever with us. They are slender to the point that they occupy no space at all in our gear and dry super rapidly! We really purchased our towels from the person in this photograph who purchased his “shop” up to our yacht! We were so intrigued with this activity and I simply wish we’d purchased more since I haven’t discovered towels anyplace close as great since!

Fundamentals and Extras

Clearly we won’t make it to the Maldives without our identification, charge cards, inn appointments and tickets! These are at the highest point of any pressing rundown, including our pressing fundamentals for the Maldives list!

I additionally plan to take a couple of things which will permit me to conceal minimalistically in the event that we visit any nearby islands or invest any energy in Male before our flight home as the Maldives is a Muslim nation and I generally attempt to regard the neighborhood societies when we travel.

We’ll obviously likewise be pressing all the basics, for example, toiletries, medicines, connectors, chargers and aloe vera if there should arise an occurrence of any burn from the sun,

In addition obviously some decent wedding trip additional items…

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