Friday, May 29

Spending a Beautiful Winter Day at Little Bay

Today was one of those uncommon and dazzling days where we woke up with definitely no plans by any stretch of the imagination. It was such a lovely winter’s day with the sun sparkling and the temperature ascending to the high 20’s! Dan and I stuffed our sea shore towels and a book each and went to Lighthouse Beach, one of our preferred sea shores in our old neighborhood of Port Macquarie. We left our vehicle at Tacking Point Lighthouse and concluded that as opposed to make a beeline for Lighthouse Beach, we would look at wonderful Little Bay, which is arranged north of the Lighthouse.

We’d never wandered down to Little Bay in the entirety within recent memory living here and I am so happy we made today the day to do as such! Minimal Bay is a staggering straight, with sandstone and volcanic stone arrangements, wonderful stone pools and the most completely clear water! I wish we’d pressed our swimmers in light of the fact that the water temperature was stunning and we had an incredible daytime moving over the stones, looking at the stone pools, spotting whales off the shore and perusing our books on the sea shore. The sea shore was flawless and calm with just a couple of others walking around on the beach front stroll during our time there, so we were sufficiently fortunate to have it to ourselves the greater part of the day!

The Port Macquarie area has no lack of surprising sea shores and I am so happy we at last put forth the attempt to investigate lovely Little Bay! For local people and guests to the district, it is a picture takers heaven with the sound, rock developments and obviously unbelievable perspective on the famous Tacking Point Lighthouse.

After two English winters, I am as yet squeezing myself this is winter in Australia! Days like this truly cause me to acknowledge exactly that we are so fortunate to live in such an astounding spot and how we truly need to make a greater amount of our delightful environmental factors each opportunity we get.

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