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Find About Hiking Lake Titicaca’s Isla del Sol

Lake Titicaca is the world’s biggest, high elevation lake and it is straightforward how the Incas offer credit to Lake Titicaca for the making of their whole civilisation. Situated on the Southern Part of Lake Titicaca, Isla del Sol is considered by the Incas to be the origin of the Sun God. My closest companion and I were on a voyage through Bolivia and Peru with Intrepid for the last month within recent memory in South America. We visited this quiet island on a day trip from Copacabana and the day we spent climbing and investigating it was an invite help after the absurdity of La Paz!

We were just seven days from climbing the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu and as nobody in our gathering had experience climbing at elevation, a visit to Isla del Sol appeared the ideal chance. The island is just an hour and half vessel ride (around 40 bolivianos come back) from Copacabana and has no cleared streets or vehicles, so you are limited to pontoons and strolling. We exploited the broad system of strolling trails on the island and went through a day climbing from the North toward the South of Isla del Sol.

Isla del Sol has a serious one of a kind scene, one that has unforgiving, desolate landscape that is compared with stunning perspectives and brilliant, lovely climate. The island is rough and sloping and is specked with horticultural patios and eucalyptus trees which we discovered very intriguing as they are local to and transcendently found in Australia! There is restricted shade on the island, so make certain to conceal, pack a lot of water and nourishment and slather yourself in sunscreen as the sun is solid on the island, and a couple of individuals from our gathering wound up taking after lobsters that night.

Climbing at height is a totally extraordinary experience to climbing adrift level and shouldn’t be messed with, as elevation infection in genuine matters can be savage. It is imperative to adapt to the height, remain hydrated and not to truly propel yourself excessively hard. I was at my pinnacle wellness when I was going in South America yet when climbing at elevation I, alongside most of my gathering actioned a considerable amount. While climbing on Isla del Sol we made a point to remain hydrated, drank a lot of coca tea (which encourages you change in accordance with the elevation) and just took as much time as necessary while climbing and rested at whatever point we expected to.

From Cha’llapampa where our vessel docked we promptly headed up two or three hundred meters over the water level of Lake Titicaca, strolling through little towns and past incalculable slopes canvassed in horticultural patios. There are more than 80 damges on the island, a large portion of which go back to Incan occasions and you will see a portion of these during your climb. Of specific chronicled intrigue were a conciliatory table which is situated among the vestiges of the Temple of the Sun, the Puma Rock and the 240 steps at Yumani in the South that lead down to the Lake. It is accepted there was at first 1,000 stages yet the greater part are currently submerged as the degree of the lake has ascended after some time. The remnants were intriguing however are positively not the most glorious you will see on your movements through South America and specifically, Peru.

The climb is roughly 8km and it took us around 3-4 hours, considering a lot of photograph stops and breaks to action the elevation. It is basic you convey some money on you when visiting Isla del Sol as you will be charged to climb around the island, 10 Bolivians in the North, 5 Bolivianos in the South and an extra 15 Bolivians to embrace the stroll from North to South. At last this adds up to simply over £3 so there is no point getting tired of the administration of the islanders who have obviously observed the money opportunity from the vacationers who rush to Isla del Sol consistently.


The feature of climbing Isla del Sol was the breathtaking perspectives we experienced all through our climb. I have superb recollections of splendid blue skies, daylight and the stunning blue waters of Lake Titicaca engrained in my psyche.

We showed up at the South finish of Isla del Sol with sufficient opportunity to unwind, appreciate the view and fold into a merited dessert before getting the vessel around 4pm back to Copacabana. South America is a place that is known for one of a kind, regularly changing scenes and the special island of Isla del Sol is genuinely deserving of a visit and in the event that you are truly capable, we prescribe climbing from North to South to see all the island brings to the table. In the event that you have the opportunity to investigate further, there are additionally various inns, inns and guesthouses on the island.

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